CM KCR garu visit to Vasalamarri

Updated: Aug 7


ef Minister Sri K in the Dalit people of Vasalamarri, the adopted village of Turkapalli Mandal of Yadadri Bhuvanagiri district. Chandrashekhar Rao visited today for about 3 hours.

They went into about 60 houses in Dalit people and asked about everyone's well-being and family conditions. The Chief Minister who first visited the Dalits has promised to grant double bedroom houses to all the homeless. They asked if they know about the Dalit Bandhu scheme and found out. What will you do if you get ten lakhs for your house? CM questioned what did he think of doing if Dalit relatives get boxes? Some people told the CM that they will keep milk dairy farms, some will buy tractors, others will do business. While visiting Dalits, Chief Minister chanted everyone name by name and asked whether you are getting pension. District Collector Mrs. Pamela Satpati has ordered to grant pension immediately if there are anyone who does not get pension. The Chief Minister was shocked to see the houses that were collapsing on the mud walls in the Dalits. CM suggested them to go out of the house and talk to the family members in some houses and make good ideas to make use of the Dalit relative's money. CM visited other colonies along with Dalit families. CM has assured them not to fall down that they will grant houses to everyone. The Chief Minister listened carefully to the problems told by poor women and elderly people and issued orders to the authorities. Several CMs have brought to the attention that their houses are down the road and they are filled with water when it rains. CM ordered collector to take steps to ensure colonies roads and drainages are as per plan as double bedroom houses are going to be constructed for all the poor. The Chief Minister has ordered the Collector to grant immediate pension within two days to about 20 BD women workers who have heard that they are not getting pension. When a woman was about to tell about the difficulties of BD workers.. CM said, ′′ I know the difficulties of the educated people who live in the house of BD workers..

When a Dalit family stopped by their house, they asked the CM to help their daughter, the CM promised that the son-in-law would work as a driver and he would give him a tractor under the Dalit relative. Do you know that he is the one who wrote the song ′′ conspiracies that are not visible in the village ′′ by showing the people's poet, MLC Sri Goreti Venkanna who was beside him when he went inside a house. CM introduced them that he is the one who wrote the song ′′ conspiracies that are not visible in the village Will everyone get pension? Will there be 24 hours electricity? Is the cultivation water coming? Is the farmer's relative getting money? CM asked the family members what crops are being cultivated and came to know. Some people went to the elderly and asked if they are saving some of the pension aside. CM has promised that he will give pattas to Dalits and others who have more than acres of government land in the village. CM has assured them that since it is an adoption village, they will provide financial assistance to all families and help their families to sustain.

The CM visited the village colonies by foot from 12 pm to 3 pm for about four kilometers. Former Chairman of Legislative Council Sri Gutta Sukhendar Reddy along with Chief Minister, MP Sri Joginapalli Santosh Kumar, MLA Mrs. Gongidi Sunita Mahendar Reddy, MLC Sri Goreti Venkanna, Collector Mrs. Pamela Satpathi, Rachakonda Police Commissioner Sri Mahesh Bhagavat, CM OSD Sri Deshpati Srinivas, Village Sarpanch Sri Anjaneya, poets, writers Sri Mittapalli Surendar, Sri Saichand, Sri Ambati Venkanna Abhinay Srinivas, Sri Kodari Srinivas, Sri Boora Satish, Sri Manukota Prasad, Sri Babu, Sri Siva, Sri Bhikshapathi, others are present.

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